Jenday Conure


We have Jenday conures available. They are untamed babies around 4-5 months old making them the perfect age for taming and bonding with regular human interaction. Males and females are available however sexing at such a young age can not always be accurate.

Brand new Good size Top open cage available at additional cost. All parrots come with care sheet and Article to help care for your new jenday conure, Please bring a pet carrier or you can buy one from our pet store.

  • Lifespan: 30 years
  • Bird Species: Conure
  • Colors: Yellow, Orange & Green
  • Sounds: Vocal, Natural calls, Mimics, Loud
  • Interaction: Social, Energetic, Silly, Fun, Cuddly, Affectionate
  • Comparable Breeds: Sun Conure, Budgerigar Parakeet